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Virtual Water Cooler Chats with CultureBot

Foster connection and camaraderie among your remote team with 100’s of topics and AI-powered conversation starters.

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Keep Conversations Fresh

Diverse Conversation Starters
Choose from hundreds of curated, thought-provoking topics spanning various categories, ensuring there's always something new and interesting to discuss.

AI-Assisted Customization
Tailor your virtual watercooler experience by providing keywords or themes, and let our AI generate custom conversation starters specific to your team's interests.

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Bring Your Remote Team Together

CultureBot's virtual watercooler delivers thought-provoking conversation starters to your team's Slack channels, sparking engaging discussions and helping your team bond, no matter where they work.

  • 100’s of topics + GIFs
  • AI-Generated Topics
  • Customizable Settings
  • Slack-Native

What Others Have to Say...

kim s

Automation is key - so this is one problem solved. It also helps bring our team together in Slack with interesting water cooler questions and trivia games to break up the monotony of the day - especially in a remote environment! You do not have to be an extrovert to enjoy and appreciate CultureBot's team-building platform.

kim s

Kim S.

HR Professional

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Integrate with Slack Seamlessly

Effortless Setup
Get started in minutes by connecting CultureBot to your Slack workspace. Choose the channels you want to engage and let our platform handle the rest.

Customizable Cadence
Set the frequency of your virtual watercooler prompts to maintain a steady flow of conversation without overwhelming your team.

Connect Your Remote Team

Start fostering engaging conversations.

Join the growing number of remote-first companies using CultureBot to create a sense of community and connection among their distributed teams.