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The highest-performing remote & hybrid teams use CultureBot to drive more employee engagement & connection using Slack.

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Case Study: Guided by Good

Guided by Good meaningfully increased their employee engagement & eNPS scores just weeks after rolling out CultureBot.


Austen T.

SVP, Integration & Culture


Case Study: StreetBees

StreetBees saw a huge increase in engagement – especially from their less engaged & most remote employees.

daisy m

Daisy M.

Project Manager


Case Study: ViralNation

ViralNation found a valued partner with a platform that provided them the data they needed to justify their recognition program.

lindsay h

Lindsay H.

Manager, People Operations


Culturebot is one of those rare apps that manages to blow the competition out of the water. It's a one-stop app for all things culture. Where other apps only focus on one specific activity, such as birthdays, CultureBot excels in addressing activities we didn't know we needed. We've seen a sharp increase in employee responses and engagement.

gunnar finkeldeh

Gunnar F.

Wellness Committee at StreetBees

uny brands

CultureBot has the most seamless integration process and incredible platform. When we were ready to launch it, it was pretty immediate. Right away we saw employees and we saw them interacting with the tool, showing fantastic engagement. It's going to be great for our remote culture and will take away a lot of admin burden from our HR team.

gabby m.

Gabby M.

Director of Talent & People

foundation marketing

Automation is key - this is one major problem solved (by CultureBot). It also brings our team together in Slack with interesting water cooler questions and trivia games to break up the monotony of the day - especially in a remote environment! You don't have to be an extrovert to enjoy and appreciate CultureBot's team-building platform.

kim sopman

Kim S.

Executive Assistant


We’ve been using CultureBot for over a year now and it has been an amazing resource for employee culture and moral! So helpful for birthdays and work anniversaries. As a small team, it eliminated the stress of ever forgetting an important event.

natalie marcotullio

Natalie M.

Head of Growth & Operations at Navattic


CultureBot was the perfect solution for my company's effort to bring together our remote team. It couldn't be easier to get started and our team uses it everyday.

holman gao

Holman G.

Founder & CEO at Boost My School


Since transitioning to a remote work environment, I've searched for ways to keep my team engaged and motivated. CultureBot does all of that for my team. Best of all it's super easy to setup and get started.

logan deyo

Logan D.

Founder & CEO at byDesign