Features Overview

Features Overview

CultureBot provides functionality across four core areas, carefully designed to significantly improve your overall employee experience – all within Slack.


Employee Celebrations

  • Birthdays
  • Work Anniversaries
  • Holidays
  • Awareness Days

Team Engagement

  • Shoutouts
  • Peer Rewards
  • Convo Starters
  • Employee Intros

Automations & Feedback

  • Health Tips
  • Suggestions Box
  • Surveys (in Slack)
  • Onboarding

Games & Live Events

  • Trivia
  • DoodleDash
  • Immersive Games
  • Live Gameshows

Employee Celebrations

birthday celebrations

Birthday Celebrations

Never forget a teammate's birthday ever again. Our bot automatically collects birthdays from your team and sends a celebratory message out automatically when it comes time to celebrate!

  • Automatically collects birthdays from your existing team and for new hires
  • Fully customizable celebration message and GIF
  • Add an optional gift to send to employees on their special day
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work anniversaries

Work Anniversary Celebrations

Automatically send a celebratory message to your team when a team member's work anniversary comes up. Add an optional gift to show them your appreciation for their hard work over the years.

  • Automatically collects anniversaries from your existing team and for new hires
  • Fully customizable celebration message and GIF
  • Add an optional gift to send to employees on their anniversary
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custom celebrations

Custom Celebrations

Create custom celebration messages for things like holidays, awareness/diversity & inclusion days. Includes recommended templates for awareness days each month.

  • Create your own celebrations (e.g. holidays, awareness days)
  • Choose from over a dozen pre-suggested awareness days
  • Setup to run this year, next year, or every year
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Team Engagement

employee shoutouts

Shoutouts & Peer Rewards

Send positive feedback and shoutouts to one or more multiple members of your team to recognize and acknowledge them. Optionally add on points redeemable for benefits rewards.

  • Setup custom shoutout "types" to match your company's values
  • Optionally setup a peer rewards system where employees trade in points for custom rewards or gift cards
  • View a leaderboard of the top senders and receivers of shoutouts
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water cooler topics

Water Cooler Conversation Starters

Send conversation-starting topics to your team in a Slack channel of your choice to keep your team engaged and motivated.

  • Choose from hundreds of thought-provoking and engaging topics
  • Send to one or multiple Slack channels of your choice
  • AI-assisted water cooler allows you to share conversation starters around topics you choose
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Easy to get started

Ready to get started?

CultureBot comes with a 2-week free trial and is free forever for teams under 25 employees.

employee intros

Employee Intros

Help your team build better connections and camaraderie by pairing employees off in 1-on-1's or groups on a regular basis.

  • Setup introductions between groups of 2 - 5 people
  • Optionally add on conversation starters to break the ice
  • Automatically connect new hires to others on your team
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Automations & Feedback

health tips

Mental & Physical Health Tips

Send top-rated mental and physical health tips to your team each week to a channel of your choice. Keep your team healthy and happy.

  • Hundreds of peer-reviewed mental and physical health tips
  • Send to any channel of your choice
  • Optionally add on inspirational quotes
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forms & surveys

Employee Surveys & Questionnaires

Customize forms and survey campaigns to send to your team inside of Slack. Templates include onboarding forms for new employees, eNPS surveys, and team health questionnaires.

  • Fully customizable forms to use for onboarding, team health checks, welcome announcements, employee nominations, and more
  • Get a higher response rate with automatic survey reminders & follow ups
  • Support for one-off and recurring surveys
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Employee Feedback & Suggestions

Get direct feedback from your employees on a regular basis - all inside of Slack. Get to the bottom of potential problem areas with two-way anonymous conversations.

  • Send employees reminders on a regular basis to share feedback and suggestions
  • Feedback can be anonymous or public
  • Start two-way conversations with the employees who shared their feedback
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employee experiences

Employee Experiences

Setup automated sequences of messages & surveys that can help onboard new hires or even plan your next event.

  • Automate messages, surveys, and even employee shoutouts (kudos)
  • Pair up new hires with their manager and onboarding buddies
  • Setup recurring events or sequences
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Easy to get started

Ready to get started?

CultureBot comes with a 2-week free trial and is free forever for teams under 25 employees.

Games & Events



Play a real-time pictionary style game of guessing what your teammates are drawing.

  • Great for larger team socials
  • Thousands of safe-for-work words to draw
  • Start from directly inside Slack using the /doodledash command

Real-Time Trivia

Play on-demand trivia with your team inside Slack across over a dozen different topics to give folks a fun break in their day.

  • Pulls from over 55,000 Jeopardy questions
  • Choose from over 10 different categories of questions
  • See real-time leaderboards as your entire team plays
instant games

Instant, Immersive Games

Start an instant game from our library of immersive virtual games directly from inside of Slack.

  • Games are fully immersive in a web-based experience
  • Classic games and topical/seasonal games to choose from
  • The most advanced virtual game experience ever brought into Slack
live hosted events

Live, Hosted Events

Schedule your next virtual team event with our professionally trained game hosts. Escape from a virtual escape room, explore our magnificent theme park, and more.

  • Games hosted by live, professional comedians
  • Choose from a number of incredibly unique games
  • Let us do the heavy lifting – sit back and watch your team enjoy!