Shoutouts & Peer Rewards

Celebrate Your Team's Successes

Boost employee engagement and morale by making it easy for your team to recognize and reward each other's achievements, all within Slack.

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Reinforce Your Company Values

Tailor Your Shoutouts
Create custom shoutout types that align with your organization's unique values, so your team can recognize each other for embodying the qualities that matter most.

Peer Rewards Integration
Take recognition to the next level by enabling employees to reward each other with points redeemable for custom rewards or gift cards, incentivizing a culture of appreciation.

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Transform Your Company Culture with Peer-to-Peer Recognition

CultureBot's Shoutouts & Peer Rewards feature empowers your employees to celebrate each other's successes, fostering a positive and supportive work environment. Our seamless Slack integration makes it simple for team members to send shoutouts and rewards, reinforcing your company's values and keeping everyone engaged.

  • Customized Types
  • Points System
  • Gift Catalog
  • Full Reporting

What Others Have to Say...


Most recognition platforms technically put you in a box of what to shout out about and what kind of recognition to give. Culturebot allows you to customize this according to your values or whatever you want!

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Evangelos P.

People Operations Executive

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Gain Insights Into Your Team's Engagement

Measure Your Impact
Access detailed analytics to track the frequency and types of shoutouts being sent, helping you gauge employee engagement and identify top performers.

Leaderboards & Gamification
Motivate your team with leaderboards showcasing the top senders and receivers of shoutouts, adding a fun, competitive element to your recognition program.

Recognition Made Simple

Start celebrating your team's wins with CultureBot today.

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