Birthday Celebrations

Never Forget an Employee Birthday Again

CultureBot gathers, remembers, and celebrates all of your employee birthdays – all with a few quick clicks.

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Celebrate Your Employees

Share employee birthday wishes right from your team Slack. With CultureBot you can join in on the celebration without the worry of missing birthday dates or scheduling the message. CultureBot automates the process for you!

  • Customizable GIFs
  • Photo Banners
  • Auto-Collected
  • Send Gifts
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Say Goodbye to Manual Collection

With Culturebot you can upload a spreadsheet of all employee birthdays, have the bot collect them for you automatically, or connect directly to your HRIS to upload all of your employee birthdays with ease.

  • HRIS Syncing
  • CSV Uploads
  • New Hire Opt-In
  • Manual Override

What Others Have to Say...


We're a very busy team, so manual culture and HR processes like birthdays or anniversary reminders often get neglected. Culturebot helps create spaces for fun and connection during the workday, many of which have been lost in the shift to remote work, as well as automate a lot of the bulky manual work.

daisy m

Daisy M.

Culture Committee at StreetBees


As a startup, we don't have any HR per se but found that we needed some more engagement within the team like birthday reminders, which is where CultureBot came in but it's helped the team connect virtually on a more personal level, something we lacked pre-CultureBot.

aanchal p.

Aanchal P.

Director of Marketing

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Never Forget a Birthday Surprise

Make sure your teammates feel special on their special day by automatically sending them gift cards for their birthday.

  • 600+ Gift Cards
  • Auto-Delivery
  • Custom Gifts
  • Private Messages

Let us lighten the burden

Save time celebrating your team today.