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Boost team morale and drive engagement with incredible instant games & live events inside Slack

In partnership with Luna Park, we bring phenomenal, virtual team game experiences inside Slack for the very first time.

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live hosted events and instant immersive games

Live Events for your Remote Team

Our live game show event is done in partnership with Luna Park. It is an hour long event live hosted by a professional comedian on a proprietary virtual gaming platform (not Zoom / not Google Meet). We curate ~10 mini-games from our library just for your remote team. All of our mini-games are designed with collaboration, trust building, and inclusion in mind.

The experience has a 9.2 rating from >30k attendees and >90% say they feel more connected to their colleagues after the experience. Find out what Spotify, Meta, Atlassian, and Salesforce have been raving about! Event pricing depends on the size of your team.

live game show event inside Slack

Instant, Immersive Games

Another great way to build team camaraderie and morale is with our instant, immersive gaming experiences. These games are phenomenal (if we do say so ourselves) because not only are they super fun to play, they're able to be started on demand and are updated seasonally as well! There are both free games to play, as well as premium games that are available with the purchase of a quarterly subscription.

instant, immersive games inside Slack

How Live Events & Instant Immersive Games Work

For live events, you can install CultureBot and click on the "Live, Hosted Events" feature from the setup dropdown, or you can simply contact us (see button above) to schedule a time to get your event booked!

Below we will focus on how to get started with instant games inside of Slack.

live games, part one

Choose "Instant, Immersive Games" from the Setup Bar

Inside of the CultureBot admin page (easily found inside of your Slack org), click on "live, hosted events" from the setup dropdown. This will pull up the instant games library.

live games, part two

Request Access to Games

Next, if you haven't yet requested access to the games library, click on the "request access" button. After you click this, we will reach out within 24 hrs to let you know you've been granted access to the games!

live games, part three

Choose Which Game to Start

Once access is granted, you will see 'start game' buttons below each games in the library. There are both free games and premium games (which require a paid subscription). Clicking on 'start game' will then allow you to choose which Slack channel you'd like to announce the start of the game in.

live games, part four

Join the Game!

Lastly, the game announcement will appear in the channel you selected from the step before. Click 'join game' to begin the game! Anyone else who sees this message and clicks on 'join game' will also immediately join the game.

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