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Employee Surveys & Questionnaires on Slack

Survey campaigns for remote employees have traditionally been more difficult to setup and run than they need to be. In addition, response rates are terrible. If you've ever used a google form or survey monkey type product, then you know exactly what we are referring to. There should be a better way, and now there is. CultureBot has developed forms & campaigns (fully customizable, to boot) native inside of Slack for your remote team.

What are the benefits of Slack forms and surveys? Well, first and foremost – it's where your remote employees are already living. This means a higher response rate for your campaigns than ever before, also in part due to the ability for CultureBot to automatically remind those who have not yet completed a survey to do so before the deadline. Second, it's easy to keep them running, and to view results at anytime. CultureBot forms and surveys can be setup to recur on a weekly or monthly basis if you choose, and results are available in one click from inside the Slack user interface.

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How Forms & Surveys Works

CultureBot allows you to create any number of fully customizable forms, which can then be used in your one-off or recurring survey campaigns to your team inside Slack.

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Go to the CultureBot Slack Homepage

When visiting the CultureBot app inside Slack, scroll down to the section on "employee surveys & questionnaires ". From here, click the big button that says "View/Add Forms & Campaigns". This will then take you to a web portal where you will be able to add your new survey campaign (that will then send inside of Slack).

create new form in Slack

Create a Form

Creating a form is very easy, you'll just need to click the "create new form" button on your screen, and then a modal will appear. Several templates are provided for you to choose from (e.g. team health, eNPS, employee intro, etc.). Choose to start from a template or customize your own unique form. Forms will then be used in the next step when sending out a survey campaign!

create new slack survey campaign

Create a Campaign

The final step to getting your new survey campaign live is to create the campaign itself. Click the "create new campaign" button. You are then presented with a modal that has a whole host of survey campaign options around:

- Is this a one-off or recurring survey?
- Who is the audience (all of Slack, just specific users?)
- Should results be shared publicly or privately?
- Should reminders be sent out to employees who haven't responded in a certain number of days?

When you finally save the campaign, it will run on the start date and time you've chosen. When it runs, employees will get a message from CultureBot that looks something like:

submit Slack survey

view Slack survey campaign responses

View Results

Results are the last part of forms and surveys inside of Slack. When a survey campaign finally ends, you will be notified with a message in Slack that tells you it's time to view your results. The results page allows you to see things like the overall response rate on a per-question level, response rate on the survey as a whole, as well as each individual response to each question from every single employee (these can also be downloaded as a CSV file). You can even manually send out additional reminders from this page. Results can be viewed from the campaigns web portal while a survey is actively running as well.

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