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Team Building & Employee Recognition for Busy Teams

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The Benefits of Team and Employee Shoutouts

Teams in a remote environment can easily feel disjointed, with hard work and collaboration going unappreciated.

Employee recognition ideas such as peer rewards are used at some of the top firms in the world, including Google. In fact, they are so successful at Google that they're considered one of the most impactful culture initiatives in their company's history, with employees in some departments sharing shoutouts and peer rewards with each other every single week on Slack.

Peer Recognition on Slack

By going the extra mile with peer recognition on Slack, you can show your remote company that you're dedicated to creating an inclusive, people-positive culture.

An easy way to get started with team shoutouts and peer rewards on Slack is by using a tool similar to CultureBot that works inside of the Slack account you already have. Within a couple of clicks and a few minutes of your time, you'll have your remote employees recognizing each other on Slack by sharing words of encouragement and kind praise.

How Employee Shoutouts & Peer Rewards Work

Use CultureBot to share shoutouts of appreciation directly with your teammates. Shoutouts can optionally include "peer reward" points, which can be redeemed for gifts as part of a benefits program you setup.

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Setting up the Team Shoutouts

Inside of the CultureBot admin page (easily found inside of your Slack org), you can click the 'give shoutout' button (seen on the right) which will pull up the screen below to share your positive feedback. You can also setup recurring reminders to the team to a certain Slack channel at a certain time of day in order to increase the amount of appreciation going around!

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Sharing Your Kudos

After clicking on the 'give shoutout' button you'll see this screen, where you simply select a teammate, a channel to share the kudos in, and (of course) your thoughtful message. If your organization has a "monthly allowance" setup for peer reward points, the points field will also appear on this screen.

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Appreciation, on Repeat

As outlined in the setup step above, you can configure the bot to remind your team at certain times of the week to share positive feedback and kudos with one another.

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Let the Good Words Roll...

Now that you're setup to give reminders each week, sit back and watch your team's appreciation and motivation achieve new heights. Virtual team building and sharing of team appreciation? Check.

redeem points for gifts

Exchange Peer Reward Points for Gifts

If using "peer reward points" alongside shoutouts, your employees can exchange their hard-earned points for gifts/benefits that you setup inside of Slack.

Peer Recognition FAQs

Keeping remote teams feeling valued and appreciated is crucial yet challenging without in-person interactions. CultureBot automates digital shoutouts in Slack to appreciate remote staff with public messages, badges, and rewards. Consistent virtual recognition keeps distributed teams engaged.

Managers can easily customize timely praise and kudos in Slack with CultureBot. Automated notifications prompt sending regular virtual appreciation.

Celebrating collective wins is key for distributed teams without water cooler high fives. CultureBot shares success announcements and highlights top contributors in Slack when milestones hit. Public digital praise channels unite disconnected teams.

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