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Elevate Your Team Culture with Custom Celebrations

Create meaningful, inclusive experiences for your team by celebrating awareness days, DEI initiatives, and custom events with our all-in-one platform.

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Celebrate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Effortlessly

Comprehensive Awareness Day Library
Access a vast library of awareness days and events, complete with educational resources, ideas for activities, and customizable communication templates.

Custom Celebration Builder
Easily create and manage custom events tailored to your organization's unique culture, values, and initiatives, all within our intuitive platform.

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Transform your Workplace Culture with Custom Celebrations

CultureBot empowers you to foster a more inclusive, engaged workforce by making it easy to celebrate awareness days, DEI initiatives, and custom events. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing tools, allowing you to create and share meaningful experiences with your team.

  • Holidays
  • Awareness Days
  • Diversity Days
  • Custom Days

What Others Have to Say...


CultureBot's custom celebrations allow our growing team to keep mindful of the diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds of everyone on our team – allowing us to craft a more compassionate and empathetic culture.

natalie m

Natalie M.

Head of Growth, Navattic

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Engage your Team with CultureBot's Slack Integration

Make celebrating awareness days and custom events a breeze with CultureBot's Slack integration. Share event details, encourage participation, and collect feedback, all within your team's favorite communication tool.

  • 15+ Templates
  • Timezone-Based Delivery
  • Multiple Channel Support
  • Recurring Events

Celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion

Build a more inclusive workplace with CultureBot.

Join the growing number of organizations using CultureBot to create a workplace culture that celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion. Start your journey today and experience the difference.