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Gather Valuable Insights with Employee Surveys

Easily create and distribute custom surveys and forms directly in Slack to gain actionable insights and improve your team's experience.

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Understand Your Team Better

CultureBot's Employee Surveys & Questionnaires feature allows you to create and send fully customizable forms and surveys directly in Slack. Gather valuable feedback and insights from your team to make data-driven decisions that enhance employee engagement and satisfaction.

  • Customizable Templates
  • Sent in Slack
  • Automated Reminders
  • Full Reporting
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Tailor Surveys to Your Needs

Extensive Template Library
Choose from a wide range of pre-built survey templates, including onboarding forms, eNPS surveys, team health questionnaires, and more.

Fully Customizable
Tailor your surveys and forms to your specific needs by adding, removing, or modifying questions, ensuring you gather the most relevant information.

What Others Have to Say...


Our team used to spend hours each month sending and following up on manual surveys sent via Google Forms. CultureBot surveys were setup in just minutes and automated most of what we did with the old forms instantly – we no longer spend anytime manually checking our team's health each month, because Slack & CultureBot have it covered!


Gabby V.


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Maximize Response Rates

In-Slack Distribution
Send surveys and forms directly in Slack, making it convenient for your team to provide feedback without disrupting their workflow.

Automated Reminders
Boost response rates with automatic survey reminders and follow-ups, ensuring you gather input from a representative sample of your team.

Gather Actionable Team Insights

Understand Your Team Better with CultureBot Today.

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